Stuido Studios



Flock up is about a flock of mysterious entities rising up a cyberpunk tower.

You must weave your techno-organic flock in and out of randomized neon signposts and overhanging rooms as you soar up the tower's soot-covered walls.

Every time you hit something, part of your flock will scatter, until none remain.

The higher you go, the faster you’ll rise.

How far can you get before your flock scatters to the winds?


Client: The United Nations

Access and Allies is played in like an endless runner mixed with interactive dialog scenarios. The player takes the role of a female humanitarian attempting to bring help into a country in need.

Through the journey they will face three major barriers that they need to surpass by selecting the right dialog choices. The scenarios are taken from real world experiences, they are meant to teach the player the complexity of these situations, and highly the difficulties women face due to sexism.

While not being about one specific organization, the game’s dialog is inspired by negotiation playbooks and training documents of different organizations