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This 8 Week Unity course taught by Stuido Studios will get you directly involved and working within the indie game scene in NYC. Besides learning the ins and outs of Unity and launching a game (maybe your first) on Itch.io by the end of the course, you’ll also gain access to a thriving community of local indie game developers.

Over 100 developers (new and veteran alike) get the training they need on this popular engine with this course each year. We’d love to have you join us for this next session!

This class is taught via Playcrafting. Click here for the latest session




As part of our efforts to empower the NYC game developer community, we decided to dedicated some of our time to new teams formed in our classes. Open to all of our alumni, we run a unique incubator that leads teams through an 8 month production, and launch of a game. We can currently only take 3 teams, which you can find below.


Slingshot Interactive

Nothing But Blocks


Nothing But Blocks (NBB) is unique game where you flight a space ship carving a path to your safety by matching combinations of blocks together.

Slingshot Interactive is composed by Patrick McAvena, and Kyle Erf.

Expected release date for July 2019

Coming to Steam, and Itch.io


Four Squids

Nom Nom Garden

This amazing team of three is working on a quirky VR game called Nom Nom Garden. In the game you play a carnivorous plant fighting and eating for your survival. Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

Four Squids is composed by Sarah Llewelyn, Jene Wallace, and Lara Helm

Expected to release November 2019

Coming to Steam, and Oculus Store


Team 248



This challenging platforming game takes the player through a journey in an uncharted planet. Test your platforming abilities and conquer the mysterious planet that’s slowly vanishing. Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

Team composed by Andrew Hsu, Eric Paller, and Brandon You

Expected to release September 2019

Coming to Steam, and Itch.io