New Game New Journey

The Stuido crew is excited to announce that we have begun pre-production of our next VR title. We will continue to experiment with social VR play, so stay tune for more announcements!

Discussing The Take’s Sound

Composer, Zac Zinger, gave a talk at GameSoundCon LA deconstructing the jazz music of The Take. He explained his process for realistic big band mock-ups and the looping system design for the tracks.


PAX East 2018 with indie megabooth

The Take made it as one of the selected titles for Indie Mega Booth Pax East showcase and we could not be happier with the results. 4 days of showcasing might have been a bit long, but we manage to only have about 3 hours of downtime through the entire weekend. It was a joy introducing many to VR and having the game play like we intended, a family party game. P.S Much love to our first fan who played over 13 times! (we stopped counting after that)