Two players assume the role of competing spies in a Golden Age comic book.

Discover each room’s hidden secrets and experiment with vast combinations of interactive objects and traps. Prove who is the best spy among you!

Out Now On Steam, Itch, Viveport, and Oculus Store

Development time: 8 months



A mysterious entity is bent on breaking down your mind, body, and soul before it feeds.

Strapped to a chair, bound and gagged, with only a limited ability to reach for what's within your grasp, can you figure out the mystery of the room before it's too late?

Free on the Oculus Store for Gear VR and Oculus Go

Development time: 5 Months






Net Brutality is a minimalist multiplayer sports game in which teams of players try to chain together energy charges along a series of nodes to their goals.

Developed at Global Game Jam 2018

Free on Itch.io

Jam Duration: 2 days



Memraxz 2 is a first of its kind holo-arcade-game that challenges you to use your sense of depth and reflexes to achieve the highest score possible. Taking advantage of the current HoloPlayer’s resolution, Memraxz 2 hearkens back to the golden age of classic arcade cabinets.

Developed at Holo-Hackathon 2017

"1st Place - HoloHackathon 2017" Looking Glass Factory

Jam Duration: 2 days



Calkarious is a cooperative top-down shooter where two players must defend a powerful brain coral under constant siege by bioluminescent creatures. 
This game was created as part of "The Indie Game Jam, presented by Schick Hydro" in partnership with Playcrafting. Game based on the theme of Schick Hydro’s mission: to “protect and defend.” The game showcased in a custom arcade – “The Indie Game Jam Arcade” – at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles at The Game Awards 2017 on December 7th.

Free on Itch.io

Jam Duration: 2 days