Stuido Studios
Based in Brooklyn, New York

Founding date:
November 2015


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Dont Look Away
The Take
Memraxz 2



Stuido Studios (formerly known as Eos Interactive) is an independent game studio located in New York City, currently working on Virtual Reality games and interactive experiences.


Early history

Stuido Studios (formerly Eos Interactive) started with the partnership of Jose Zambrano and Robert Canciello in November 2015. The two met through the “Learn Unity in 8 Weeks” program offered by Playcrafting in New York City. Soon after the program finished, they kept working from coffee shops late at night developing their first game, Holiseum. Through these late night jams, Hessavacio Hassan and Andy Lohmann (also Playcrafting students) joined the team. Though a playable demo of Holiseum was created in a month, it was eventually shelved as the scope of the game outmatched the skills of the group at the time. The team then focused on doing various game jams to improve their team dynamics and gain experience with rapid development. After a while, they decided to focus their efforts on a project proposed by Hessvacio called “Don't Look Away”, a Gear VR horror experience. This title launched on the Oculus store for free and successfully acquired over 200K downloads. Up until this point, Stuido Studios had been a hobby project/company, but Rob and Jose always wanted to make it a full time studio. With this recent success, they knew this was their chance, but they also knew they would need additional help. They both reached out to John Corn, a seasoned game developer and mutual participant in the Playcrafting community. They shared their vision for the compnay, and showed him the daily operations and organization of the studio. John was sold, and decided to join as co-founder and lead developer.

After that

After setting our sights on being a fully independent studio, we started pre-production on our next title "The Take", along with two other titles - "Flip Off" and "Wacky Stack" to be developed later in the year. The studio currently operates with three full-time members: Rob Canciello, Jose Zambrano, and John Corn. We are looking to slowly expand our team once our projects start to require it.



The Take Interview at Play NYC 2017 YouTube

Don’t Look Away Lets Play YouTube

HoloHackathon ft. Eos Interactive (Stuido Studios) Vimeo

The Indie Game Jame - Presented by Schick Hydro YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for “Best Student Game"" - Bit Awards, 1 December, 2017
  • "Nominated for “Best Student Game"" - 16’ Bit Awards, 15 December, 2016
  • "1st Place" - Looking Glass Factory's HoloHackathon, 01 October, 2017
  • "Featured at The Indie Game Jam Arcade" - Microsoft Theater - Los Angeles, The Game Awards, 07 December, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "I think the game that I’ve gotten the most excited about is called Don’t Look Away and that is a game that we’ve highlighted in a number of ways. "
    - Dan Butchko, techraptor
  • "New York based Indie developers, Eos Interactive (Stuido Studios) have put themselves on the map with an upcoming one versus one local multiplayer game. "
    - Natalie Barabash, elotalk
  • "Calkarious felt like a classic arcade game...The premise is simple, but also different enough to keep me interested and add just enough tension to bump up the stakes."
    - Shann Smith, Popdust
  • "During the indie game jam, up-and-coming and established indie game developers from 10 gaming studios collaborated to create four games..."
    - Kayla Bibeau, Multivu

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jose Zambrano
Founder, Biz, Lead 3D Artist

Rob Canciello
Founder, Designer, Lead Producer

John Corn
Founder, Technical Artist, Lead Developer

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